Permanent System

Micropigmentation is an aesthetic specialty aimed at modifying, correcting, beautifying and re-balancing certain facial (eyes, eyebrows, lips) or body features (beauty spot, areola, scalp) in a semi-permanent manner. Permanent make-up follows the same underlying principles as tattooing, in which pigment, in the form of natural iron oxide is applied between the epidermis and the dermal layer of the skin. The medically regulated colour lasts anywhere from 1-3 years more or less depending on the individual’s skin regeneration. The pigmentation can be touched up to refresh the design, reshaped, replaced with different colors or left to fade.

In order to get the best results in micropigmentation the professionalism of each PMU technician is not enough. Beside that we do believe that devices, asseccories, pigments and safety modules needs to represent an extremely high quality. 20 years of experience in a field of permanent makeup and long process of pigment and device testing prelude the launch of our PMU brand: Permant System. Permanent System safe and hygienic safety modules, iron-oxid based inorganic dermasafe pigments and digital machine provide an outstanding quality.

If you decide to set up your PMU kit with Permanent System, you can expect the followings:

  • safe micropigmentation procedures with dermasafe pigments
  • long lasting results,
  • high pigment density and coverage,
  • quick and stable turnover,
  • professional support from our international PMU trainers,
  • digital PMU device with hygiene module,
  • our training, as well as all of our devices and pigments comply with European Legalisation (ResAP 2008/1)
  • quick and painfree micropigmentation,
  •  43 different pigment formula.

As we all experienced the market of permanent makeup changed a lot in a last 20 years. We are proud of the fact that despite the economic crisis our company was able to follow these changes and adapt our products to the continuously renewable standards.

ResAP 2008/1 was published first in 2003 and updated in 2008. The resolution highlights the fact that in micropigmentation and tattooing techniques there are potential health risk such as the transmission of diseases, or the effects caused by bad scar formation, bacterial infections. Our common interest is to eliminate these risk factors, and provide a safe working environment and deep knowledge to our technicians.

I’m sure we all are aware of the fact that inorganic pigment industry sometimes produce permanent makeup pigments in ‘different’ quality.

These differences comes from:
  • unreliable raw material production,
  • and unreliable GMP production,
  • consequently trash elements can be found in irone-dioxide pigments, that include Barium, Nickel, PHA substances, etc.

During the preparation process of Permanent System pigment we made sure that our laboratory and our pigments meet the highest standards of ResAP 2008/1.

Permanent System offers a wide selection of permanent makeup safety modules. These professional tools are key elements of a hygienic PMU procedure.

Some of the most important facts about our safety modules:

  • extremely fast to replace
  • prevent the back-flow of the ink to the motor
  • 100% sterile, meet the requirements of ResAP 2008/1
  • large selection needle combination of one-use modules
  • optimized needle features
  • quick color change with highlighter needle combinations
  • quick and long lasting color retention.