In our training centre we provide a 3 days basic training course, that will teach you:

  • basic application techniques for permanent makeup procedures on eye, eyebrow and lip,
  • review of pigmentology and color retention,
  • possibilities of correction methods,
  • health safe numbing methods,
  • comprehensive workflow protocol.

Permanent Makeup basic training guidelines

During the 3 days training we prepare our technicians how to communicate with a client and how to prepare the right documentation of the procedures, as well as what ethics and responsible approach needs to be practiced as a micropigmentation professional.
Next to skillful hands these principles are essential for a high-quality permanent makeup service.

Our trainers work with very close collaboration with a trainees during the theoretical and practical training session as well as after the training. All of our trainees can get a deep knowledge about the whole protocol from the first consultation to the re-touch procedures of each micropigmentation procedure.