Educational booklet

In a last 15 years micropigmentation – this special field of medical aesthetics- developed a lot. Several new pigment raw material were introduced to the market, and several old ones were banned or limited. Meantime the possibilities of application techniques expand, there is no limitation in desired effect anymore.

Long professional background is not sufficient anymore, a combination of constantly updated knowledge with a high degree of professional interest will result a competitive service.

Our brand Permanent System represent the above mentioned principles, our educational booklet was edited by us. It summarize all the experience about pigmentology, application techniques, hygiene, pre- and post procedure advises that our trainer gained in a last 20 years.

Our booklets:

Basics of micropigmentation

psbasicsOur team of PMU experts have been working within the permanent cosmetic industry  for more than 20 years. We find it quite incredible how fast the field of micropigmentation changes, there have been a lot of technical improvements as well as new ideas became a practice. In cooperation with our fantastic team and well respected partner companies we created a fundamental basis for micropigmentation practitioners. The booklet provides the redefined basic concepts of micropigmentation techniques  and definitions with a safest standards of hygiene and client consultations. and and describes a wide variety of application techniques. Suitable for beginners.




It gives us a knowledge about the nature of the pigments and how they act once implanted in the skin. In this booklet we deal with  color intensity, purity, chemical compositions, the request of the European Union resolution ResAP 20008/1 and skin analysis according to colors.

Pigmentology booklet will deliver the most up-to-date informations about permanent makeup pigments. Furthermore it gives the possibility to understand the concept of the color selection process and the negative influence adequate color choice for clients.

 Color chart

The colorscale helps to determine that the given is cold, warm or neutral and classify them. Furthermore it helps the practitioner to identify the nature of each of our pigment formula.

vegso-4 vegso-3 vegso-2 vegso-1

Color characteristics sheet

Color characteristics sheetWe carried out a deep analysis of each of our pigment formulas that describes the characteristics of colors and where the raw material come from and how they are generated. Our concept is, that if our Permanent System professionals understand the theory of pigmentology, they will be successful to create long lasting and well colored pigmentations. This is the reason why we provide all these necessarily information, that will help the work of our practitioners.