Educational tools


  • flexible, lint free, disposable applicators,
  • are used to apply local anesthetics for the pre-procedure, mid-procedure and post-procedure of permanent cosmeticprocedures
  • no dripping, keeps the agents until the application,
  • allows you to isolate a specific area without wasting product,
  • this sterile tool is used for cleansing and applying.

Magnifying glasses

  • provide an easy, comfortable way to magnify your PMU process,
  • interchangeable lenses,
  • provides 1,5 x 2,5 x or 3,5 x zoom,
  • practical headband magnifier,
  • helps to do PMU process precisely.

Pigment holder ring

  • plastic rings make the process easier and quicker due to the closeness and range,
  • use on your less dominant hand for easy pigment access,
  • disposable but it can be reused,
  • great for those who don’t like to clean the pallet after each us,
  • can be used to hold either pigments for semi-permanent make-up tattoo or eyelash extension glue.

Pigment Cap Tray

  • comfortable, ergonomic,
  • plastic, disposable, but it can be reuse after disinfection,
  • with 5 separate holes there is plenty of room for different colors and anesthesia,
  • perfect for those procedures which require more pigment and anesthesia than other procedures,
  • allows to do two things at the same time.

Color Wheel

  • it is a paper wheel which takes the mystery out of color theory,
  • explains color-related terms and demonstrates how the colors are affected by each other to help you choose the perfect mixture of pigments for your procedure,
  • provides an illustration of color relationship, harmonies, split complementary, shade, tone, tint, gray scale and warm and cool colors
  • it rotates to allow you to see what colors mix together and which colors neutralize each other.


  • it is a plastic measuring device
  • used to measure and place perfect brows and lips, necessary for every technician,
  •  perfect tool for measuring the distance of eyebrows, lips and eyeliner to check for symmetry
  • easier to the practitioner to create the perfect eyebrows, eye lines and lips

Practice skin

  • perfect for each beginner and experienced practitioner,
  • essential part of the good learning process of make-up designing: eyebrows, eyeliner and lips
  • allow to practice techniques on dimensional facial features
  • helps to learn machine control and pigmentation practice
  • available with removable lips and eyes or completely removable face skin

Make-up designer pencils

  • special pencils used to do a pre-drawing of the design of the pigmentation
  • allows to have a basic guideline for you to follow
  • essential for every practitioner
  • we have 5  different colors for lip drawing, 6 for eyeliners and 4 for eyebrows