Permanent Makeup Needles

Our company ACE-import find the hygiene as a key element of tattooing.Permanent makeup practitioners working with needles and in contact with body fluids must work in a safe environment. It is of extreme importance to follow all the necessary preventative steps to avoid infection.  There are certain safety and protection rules to avoid accidents.  Therefore having a sterile safety needles for each client and each procedure is essential.

When choosing our digital permanent makeup device, it was very important us to find a tool that has very cost effective solution for safety modules.  We can keep our prices down because our needles are re-manufactured, work exactly in a same way as the original needles.

The pigment/needle and needle/pigment relation is one of the reasons why there are very few pigment brands that can be used with each machine and some pigment brands that should be used exclusively with the machine for which they were created.  The range of our safety needles and two different type of pigment consistent provide a wide spectrum of adaptable solution.

Some of the most important facts about our safety modules:
  • extremely fast to replace
  • prevent the back-flow of the ink to the motor
  • 100% sterile, meet the requirements of ResAP 2008/1
  • large selection needle combination of one-use modules
  • optimized needle features
  • quick color change with highlighter needle combinations
  • quick and long lasting color retention.

Application technique