Permanent Makeup Pigments

Permanent System – Dermasafe pigments for micropigmentation

dermatestPermanent System pigments are created in close collaboration with doctors, medical experts, chemists, users and our product development team. In many areas we have set up much stricter rules than usually practiced. For example, only pigments of a pharmaceutical quality that comply with Regulation ResAP 2008/1 are used in our formulas. This means that we guarantee that amines containing aromas, heavy metals, PAH and azo-dyes will not be found in Permanent System colors. (If you want to know more about the purity of permanent pigments please read our article here.)

Our laboratory uses only the best inorganic colorants available. The formulas are evaluated on chemical composition, crystal form, color intensity and purity and offers a wide selection of cosmetic and medical colors such as eyebrow, lip, eyeliner, areola, camouflage and correction colors to meet every practitioner needs and is the natural choice of many true professionals worldwide.

We offer 44 different health-safe pigment colors to our costumers. The pigments are available in two different consistent. Both of the color charts were generated of high concentration formulas, that provides extremely high coverage. Our liquid pigments are recommended for technicians who prefer thin density, and whose permanent make-up device requires it. Our concentration color chart is creamier, mainly advisable for technician who want to work with thicker product. Pigments in liquid chart has a 15 ml bottle, and our concentrates has 9ml pump bottle presentation. Permanent System pigments comply with the requirements of European Union Regulation 1223/2009,this means that we guarantee the ’excellent’ quality standard that is approved by the German Dermatest Laboratory.